What I want to see in Daredevil Season 3

So I’m not even going to mention how long it’s been since I’ve been here (Actually I am just by typing that). But like…. I’ve been dealing with these things called A-Levels and growing up and emotional trauma and A-Levels. Yeah it’s been stressful.

But a lot has happened in that time, a lot of good things, like me getting a Netflix account and of course one of the first things I watched was Marvel’s Daredevil starring Charlie Cox as the titular blind vigilante.

Daredevil is one of the few shows I’ve watched in the last few months that has properly absorbed me and gotten great emotion out of me. Emotion to the point wherein I visibly and audibly reacted to what I was watching and spent my time when not watching the show thinking about it and talking about it.

Why is the show so good? A plethora of reasons, first and foremost of which being the fight-scenes. If RWBY Volume 1 has taught me anything it’s that kick ass fight scenes can carry a show with otherwise poor writing, and the writing in Daredevil is far from poor. Yeah yeah its the story of a dude who has some bad shit happen to him and decides to put a mask on and beat people up. OK, not exactly original. However, the show does one thing in particular that is different from the likes of Green Arrow or Spiderman or Batman.

While some may argue that the whole ‘masked vigilante with a tragic backstory plot’ is tired and overdone you wanna know what everyone knows is overdone? The ‘masked vigilante with a tragic backstory who refuses to kill for arbitrary reasons and suffers for it plot’. Those three examples I used all handle this idea in different ways: recent episodes of Arrow have actually explored this idea quite well, bringing up just how many people Oliver Queen has killed and forcing the hero to confront (In a highly dramatic and also very shirtless scene) the fact that he is a fucked up human being who enjoys killing people. Spider-Man’s reason for not killing people is always a steadfast “There’s always another way” with little more explanation or justification beyond “I’m the good guy and good guys don’t kill hurr hurr hurr”. Batman handles this a bit more interestingly in my opinion; in the great animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood Batman explains to a resurrected Jason Todd that he refuses to kill the Joker because crossing the line would be “too damn easy”. He’s scared of what he’ll become and what he’ll do once he puts killing on the table, which is right because Batman is a scary dude with the skills, equipment and strategies to take on and kill basically anyone. Daredevil handles this differently in the sense that Matt Murdock refuses to take life because he’s a Catholic and he doesn’t want to go to Hell. Matt’s Catholicism and how it influences his life and choices both as a lawyer and a vigilante dressed like Satan are key themes of the show. The advertisements for season 2 all parallel works of religious art and the dialogue in the show can be both overt and subtle in its religious nature. The most overt example is when Matt in season 1 states “Fisk doesn’t decide who lives or dies that’s up to god.” Alright, so Matt refuses to kill because he adheres to the rule of “Thou shall not kill.” One can make the argument that this is bullshit because he adheres to that commandment but he lies constantly throughout the show and he also does kill people! Actually no he just kills the one guy… three times. It’s weird. And you know what, you’re right it is bullshit, but no show is perfect and the writing even in massive budget shows is rarely bulletproof. Ultimately though I found Daredevil’s first two seasons highly enjoyable and compelling, although with the exception of the Punisher I enjoyed season 1 a hell of a lot more.

Basically the main thing I want from Season 3 can be summed up as: Vengeance for Wesley and more on Karen. Allow me to explain, in season 1 Karen Paige kills Wesley, Wilson Fisk (The main villain of season 1)’s super sassy personal assistant. This event does not come up overtly in season 2, although it does subtlety in Karen’s staunch defense of the Punisher and insistence that killing does not make him a monster. She cannot accept him to be a monster because that makes her a monster. During season 2 we see Wilson Fisk in prison for his many crimes, he bribes the guards and manipulates the Punisher into killing the ‘biggest guy in the yard’ after which point Fisk is free to wait out his sentence, seeking not to escape early and remain a fugitive. Basically what I want to happen in season 3 is for the Kingpin, while still in prison, to hire Bullseye (Daredevil’s comic arch nemesis who has yet to appear in the show)to do something or other. Daredevil spends the season fighting Bullseye and along the way somehow Karen’s shady past which was heavily hinted at in season 1 is revealed and her involvement in Wesley’s death, the Kingpin finds out and has Bullseye kill her, just as he does in the comics. In retaliation and in keeping with the comics Daredevil shatters Bullseye’s spine. I would like the season to conclude with a powerful and dark scene of Daredevil breaking into prison, beating everyone who gets in his way half to death and ultimately fighting the Kingpin, brutally beating him. I want him to stand over a bloody and broken Wilson Fisk and be taunted with his seeming inability to kill, with Wilson saying something to effect of: “If you don’t kill me I’ll get out eventually and then I’ll take more people from you. You’re just like your father, bla bla bla.” And ultimately after a great deal of emotional struggle Daredevil….. Personally I’m torn about how I want this scenario to end. I’d like Daredevil to kill Fisk because him coping with that would be an interesting plot device in season 4, however Fisk is a great villain with a lot of potential and losing him would be a blow to the show. Personally I felt his mostly being absent in season 2 made the show worse, but that might just be me.

Yeah so this was sloppy and didn’t have any images but I just wanted to see if I was physically capable of blogging again. Looks like I am.



I will now ramble about Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

I loved the Clone Wars cartoon (The 2008 one to be completely and utterly specific although the 2003 one kicked ass as well). In my opinion the 2008 Clone Wars cartoon is among the greatest animated shows of all time and my person favourite animated show of all time. While the first two seasons could be pretty damn sucky at time and season 3 had its fair share or rocky moments season 4 onwards were absolutely amazing.

No but for reals though I watch the show simply as a measure of procrastination. If I’m just sitting around doing nothing I will rewatch episodes of the show and they will never get old to me.

The show was great for a wide variety of reasons (In no particular order):

  • Absolutely amazing animation and art that was unique and distinctive and overall just super cool to look at.
  • Great characters. The Clone Wars excelled at developing characters, fleshing them out and getting the audience to genuinely give a shit about them even. When Ahsoka Tano was introduced we all thought she was kind of annoying but by the finale of Season 5 (and the show thanks to Disney pulling plug) her being framed for a crime she didn’t commit and ultimately leaving the Jedi order was heartbreaking. And her return in Star Wars Rebels was incredibly well received. The Clone Wars also did a great job in depicting more minor Star Wars characters and giving them a share of the spotlight and made good on George Lucas’ failed attempts to humanize Boba Fett (to some degree). The depiction of the Clone Troopers themselves was my second favourite part of the whole show, it really is a testament to the ability of the writers to take dozens of characters who look and sound exactly the same and somehow make them all unique and likeable.
  • The lightsaber battles. I have an usual opinion; in my opinion take a great live action fight scene from any great movie or tv show or whatever and animate it and to me it will look better and I will enjoy it more. The Clone Wars show didn’t directly animate any fights we’d already seen but it clearly took cues from the fight scenes of the Prequels (the only good parts of them) and them being animated and the fact that I genuinely give a shit about the characters involved made them 1000000% better. My personal favourite battles were: The Nightsisters VS Darth Tyranus, Maul & Savage VS Darth Sidious and Anakin & Obi Wan VS Darth Tyranus.
  • The stories. The Clone Wars told a lot of stories. The show utilized a multi episode arc story telling system. In most cartoons each episode is a single story that adds up to the next one and to the one that came before it. In the Clone Wars no single story was ever resolved in one episode, it was always 2 or 3 and at several points 5 or 6 episodes to resolve a single story arc. Often times said arc had little to do with the arc that came after it. This is partly due to the fact that TCW was an anthology with story arcs not being told in chronological order. These stories were most of the time extremely well told and almost always added something to the larger star wars universe OR validated and/or better explained something or someone we’d already been introduced to through the movies.
  • The fact that it really really really really really really wasn’t a kids show. Let’s face it guys it wasn’t a kids show. It was dark and gritty and REALLY FUCKING VIOLENT and actually told complex and engaging stories without trying to force feed any dumb morals down anyone’s throat. The show pushed it’s PG rating right to the very very very brink, using loopholes and cheeky censoring to hide the grittier stuff like decapitations (which we’re very frequent) but fortunately they were allowed to show other dismemberments to their heart’s content with characters getting their arms and legs shot/chopped/blasted off regularly. In battle scenes clone troopers were massacred by the hundreds in most every episode, blasted and stabbed and burned to death. Soldiers and even innocent civilians were often times beaten and then sadistically executed but as long as no blood was shown they were fine. The show pushed the rating further by showing blood on multiple occasions but ensuring it was non red alien blood. Basically the TCW team knew had to use loopholes… expertly. And that really impressed me.
  • It’s overall complexity. TCW did a great job in telling lots of unique and interesting stories that made the audience genuinely think and to this day have people pondering them. One of the show’s greatest selling points for me was the fact that it had no issue showing things from the “villain’s” point of view. Depicting the journeys of very morally grey characters like Asajj Ventress and very morally dark characters like Darth Maul and still getting the audience to genuinely identify with them and feel for them. A lot of episodes were far more philosophical and/or political and didn’t focus on or didn’t even have any action. Instead these episodes were devoted to expanding the Star Wars universe and answering questions from the movies. Yoda’s arc in Season 6 and the Mortis Arc in Season 3 are the best examples of this in my opinion.
  • The fact that they made good on most if not all the failed promises of the prequels and to me justifed the prequel trilogy’s existence. Hell if I had my way the prequel movies wouldn’t exist instead it’d just be this show running for like 18 seasons or something because goddamn this shit was fucking amazing.

I’ve been working on this post for 2 days now and honestly I can’t think of any other big reasons why I loved the show so much. Just go fucking watch it it’s on Netflix and every illegal streaming site you can imagine. Plus the blu rays for Seasons 1-5 and Season 6 (they’re sold separately because reasons) come to about $80 all together. Which for 118 episodes (nearly 3000 hours of content) is pretty fairly priced.

Ramble over I’m gonna go watch more Star Wars and get back to packing (I’m moving to England yay!!!!).


Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Trailer Analysis

Yesterday I made a post analyzing and talking about the clip of Star Wars Rebels Season 3 we were shown a few days ago. Today I analyze the full trailer which was released on YouTube last night.

I have quite a few things to say here:

Star Wars The Clone Wars, Rebel’s predecessor series, was regarded as being very dark and very complex for a “kid’s show”. It started out fairly simple but got far deeper and more ambitious as time went on. Rebels appears to be following that trend as this trailer seems to build up Season 3 as the biggest season of Rebels yet. The whole vibe it gives off to me can be summed up as: “the kid gloves are coming off shit’s getting real now.”

Thrawn. Grand Admiral Mitth’raw’nuruodo. The new big bad of the show now that the Inquisitors are largely out of the picture. He’s an old big bad this new big bad, first appearing in Timothy Zahn’s “Thrawn trilogy” — Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command — published between 1991 and 1993. A series of books taking place 5 years after Return of the Jedi in which Thrawn commands the remaining forces of the Galactic Empire in a war against the New Galactic Republic. I’ve never read the books but I have read of them and I have read of Thrawn and from what little I know and from hearing him and seeing him in the trailer; I am thoroughly impressed. In a word I would describe Thrawn as “intimidating”, he’s very smart and very dangerous and not so much a bad guy as a guy who just wears their uniform. Rebels has done a good job with their villains, the Grand Inquisitor was a great villain in that he was genuinely quite menacing and tangibly powerful (although he went out like a bitch). The junior Inquisitors I found much less compelling and I do not miss them now that they’re gone. Darth Vader on the other hand. For a character whose only appeared a handful of times every scene he appears in is made instantly better, half because he’s Darth Vader and half because he’s genuinely quite threatening. Everytime he shows up there is no fighting him, all anyone can do is run. That scene were he used the force to effortlessly lift an AT-AT over his head; marvelous absolutely marvelous. The thing is though all of Rebel’s main villains have been Sith who could physically challenge our heroes in one on one fights, Thrawn doesn’t have that. He’s just a dude at the end of the day. It’s going to be interesting how Rebels establishes Thrawn as a powerful villain when he doesn’t have any “powers”.

I was wrong about Kanan. I was convinced by his absence in the clip we saw that he was taking a break from front line fighting because he lost his eyesight. But he is very present in the trailer, with some sick new face fuzz and a cool mask.  If anything he seems stronger in combat, using the force to redirect a missile into an AT-AT isn’t something one just does.

Rex is back on the front lines as well. Wearing his old helmet and using his old dual blaster pistols like nothing’s changed since the old days. Hell they were even fighting Battle Droids, which gave me major deja vu. Extended Universe stories have touched on the idea of factions and individuals within the Galactic Empire using old Confederate Battle Droids as soldiers before but later on in the trailer we see what appear to be more advanced versions of the old B2 Super Battle Droids. This could mean the Empire is looking into reintegrating Battle Droids into their armies or perhaps it’s someone or something else entirely. Interesting to think about.

Darth Maul’s not dead. Thankfully. I was thoroughly convinced he was for some reason but it appears not. He appears fully alive just imprisoned somewhere, teaching Ezra the ways of the force. He even has his lightsaber in a few shots! I like the idea of Ezra having a teacher on the light side and a teacher on the dark side as I’ve always liked the idea of exploring the force from a more neutral more open point of view not just limited to one arbitrary “side”. However Darth Maul can’t be trusted and Kanan’s thoroughly brainwashed by Jedi light side hippie crap so Ezra’s fucked if he follows either of them no matter how much I like them as characters.

Two people we didn’t appear to see or here from in the trailer: Vader and Ahsoka. Both are very much alive and well but the fact that we don’t even so much as here from them makes me curious. With Ahsoka it makes sense, she’s just discovered that her friend and mentor is now a cybernetic Jedi hunting monster. Knowing Ahsoka she’s gone off to some distant vacant planet to collect her thoughts, Vader’s absence I can’t explain. I never can, he just goes off and does “Darth Vader things”: hunting Jedi, looking for Obi Wan, crying about just how badly he’s fucked everything up for everyone. Stuff like that. Hopefully he makes some more appearances this season.

Returning back to Darth Maul for a moment guess what else we see? The fucking Darksaber. The Darksaber is by all accounts an ancient lightsaber whose wielder was killed by a Mandalorian of House Clan Team Vizla. The blade has since been passed down from Vizla to Vizla. Darth Maul killed Pre Vizla during the Clone Wars and took the blade from him, using it in his battle against Palpatine. Now Sabine, who is also a Vizla, wields it. The entire last 30 seconds or so of the trailer is devoted purely to Sabine which makes me think she isn’t going to survive this season. Which’d be…. interesting. If Rebels really wants to go the same route as Clone Wars killing off a main character would be a start although somehow I doubt it. Regardless what this means is Maul is trying to consolidate power within the crew, since he owned the blade he’s the only one Sabine could’ve gotten it from. Knowing Maul he’s not stupid enough to try and convince anyone to free him or mutiny against Kanan and Hera but he will use the two youngest crew members and possibly others to his advantage.

Some other stuff worth noting is the fact that Cham Syndulla is heavily featured in the trailer. He had a small role last season and a slightly less small one in the Clone Wars. His relationship with Hera is nothing new but the moment they shared in Season 2 where it was revealed that Hera speaks to hide her natural Twi’Lek accent (which sounds like a French person speaking English) was quite compelling. I’m willing to bet Cham doesn’t survive though, he’s just about minor enough to die without the audience reacting to negatively but his death would prove a blow to Hera and help develop her character a bit more.

Also before I forget Wedge Antilles makes an appearance. The crew’s headed to an Imperial Academy to recruit a bunch of defecting students and he is among them. Alongside presumably that one kid from season 1 whose name I cannot remember who was looking for his sister. Also we hear Nika Futterman again, for those who don’t know Nika was the voice of Asajj Ventress in the Clone Wars as well as the Sith Presence Ezra heard on Malachor. We hear the presence again and just like the last time I was convinced it was Ventress and became thoroughly disappointed when I realized it wasn’t. I mean it’s nice and all having her there and I know in canon Ventress is dead long before the events or Rebels but come the fuck on. Also apparently the Empire has Mandalorian Stormtroopers now.

I didn’t really notice anything besides that. There are a few things I’m hoping for that we didn’t see though:

  • I want to see Saw Garrera especially in anticipation of his appearance in Star Wars Rogue One.
  • More Inquisitors and more background on them.
  • Obi Wan Kenobi, Han & Chewie, the Emperor, Cad Bane, Boba Fett and other classic characters have to make appearances at some point.
  • Someone please explain what Malachor is for fuck’s sake.
  • More Clones!
  • I want to understand what it’s like for Kanan know that he cannot see and how it influences his abilities.
  • Quinlan Vos. He was still alive at the end of the Clone Wars so please please please oh for almighty God’s fucking sake please bring him back.

Yeah that’s about it. Season 3 premieres in October or November along with literally every other show out there so it’s not very far away at all. I’m looking forward to it and I imagine most Star Wars fans are as well.



3 things that annoy me about gaming.

1.People buying tons upon tons of games adding up to thousands of dollars only to never play 90% of them. No seriously wtf!!!! This happens with digital purchases more than physical purchases because they’re more convenient. You get them almost immediately without having to wait any time for them to ship or even having to leave your house and go to a store to buy them and they don’t take up any physical space. Less stress leads to you spending more. What I don’t understand is how you can spend thousands on games you know you’re never going to play, to me it just seems so annoying and irresponsible. One could argue that as someone who comes from a rather hard up family that I might simply be jealous of those who have more than me; I am, I’ll tell you that before anyone else will. But I can assure you my dislike of over-purchasing games is not a result of my jealousy.


2.Paying for multiplayer and online content. No seriously this is so bullshit because ALMOST EVERY game nowadays requires access to the internet in some capacity and most games have online multiplayer as as a CORE FEATURE. So basically on top of the money I’m spending on the platform I’m playing the game on and the game itself I am expected to fork out extra money just so I can play them. WHAT THE FUCK DID I BUY THE CONSOLE FOR THEN!!!???? Just another reason PC Gaming is better.


3.This anti social justice anti feminist censorship bullshit that’s popped in the last couple years. I do not understand how someone can spend extended amounts of time arguing with people online for ANY REASON. But GAMES JOURNALISM!!! Of all the things anyone could ever be angry about you choose to be angry about GAMES JOURNALISM. No fucking duh it’s corrupt but I think Pewdipie put it best when he recently said “I don’t need you!” in response to the recent WB Games bribing YouTubers policy. That applies to everyone by the way, not just people with over 40,000,000 Subscribers. No one needs games journalists. GamerGate is and was a joke and I look back on the time I actually thought it wasn’t with a great deal of regret. As far as Feminism and Social Justice in games go no fucking duh “SJWs” are stupid (although I dislike the term itself being used as an insult) and we can all agree Nathan Grayson is a cock. But seriously GamerGate is a joke to be referenced only on 3rd rate internet gameshows.





Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Clip Analysis



I’m a big Star Wars nerd; no surprise there as most everyone is a Star Wars nerd to some degree, especially with the runaway success of Star Wars Episode 7. However I am less of a “yeah laser swords are cool” type of Star Wars nerd and more of a “what chemicals would I need to synthesize my own Khyber crystal” type of Star Wars nerd. The kind who stays up late and neglects real world friends and responsiblities just to read up on obscure extended universe plot lines and character. Did you guys know there was a Twi’Lek Jedi who fell to the dark side and also got a sex change? I do.

I love talking about Star Wars. I love theorizing and debating about Star Wars. I love the universe of Star Wars. I love basically everything about it.

Most of you will have watched the Clone Wars animated series. The one that ran for 5 seasons and was set to go on for at least 2 more before Disney canned it FOR NO GOOD REASON! Yeah that one. We can all agree it kicked ass. It was dark and mature and complex with interesting characters, lots of perspectives and story arcs that weren’t resolved quickly and had big payoffs in the larger scheme of the Star Wars story. It also had some of the best fight scenes ever to be animated. Its successor series Star Wars Rebels has been signifcantly less well received, not so much that it’s bad but it simply hasn’t reached as many people as the old show did. Additionally people who watched the old show can’t help but compare the two, with the elder one coming out on top every time.


I for one think Rebels is pretty good. Not something I tune in to every week however, I mostly wait for seasons to end and then go through each episode online in no particular order. Overall Rebels is a solid show that simply lacks the complexity and scope of the Clone Wars tv series but is in and off itself good, 7.5/10 worth casually watching. However it has had some amazing moments.

The finale of Season 1 with Kanan facing off against the Grand Inquisitor was an amazing fight scene easily holding up against the better Clone Wars fights. The moment wherein the Inquisitor beheads two Imperial Officers for repeatedly failing to capture the rebels was amazing. The reveals for Captain Rex and Ahsoka Tano were amazing. The season 2 finale was a great dual part storyline featuring the return of Darth Maul and it had some amazing moments: Darth Maul annihilating three Inquisitors basically single handedly, Kanan becoming blind, Ezra discovering a crossguard lightsaber, Darth Vader appearing and forcing our heroes to run for their lives. Great stuff.

Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels is now on the way and in anticipation of Star Wars Celebration Europe (the yearly convention devoted to all things Star Wars which is currently ongoing) a clip from Season 3 was shown on The Star Wars Show (Lucasfilm’s YouTube show devoted to all things Star Wars).

Here is the clip itself:


I’m not gonna take much more of your time but there are a few things I feel like pointing out:

  • Sabine’s armor is different. Makes sense considering it changed between Seasons 1 & 2 as well. I still find myself preferring the Season 1 color scheme but this one isn’t half bad.
  • Ezra’s hair is short now. A military style buzzcut. His entire attitude seems more formal and more serious now, the way he was speaking through the transponder really made him sound more mature.
  • Ezra carries a blaster and kills people now. Ezra’s fall to the dark side has been something we’ve been watching since basically day 1. Ezra’s an angry person who’s finally discovered he has the power to get back at the people who took his life from him. Plus he’s a teenager, it’s justified for him to be emotional. Coupled with him being tricked by Maul and costing his friend and mentor his eyesight Ezra is very much on a dark path. But all in all killing people you’re at war with isn’t exactly something to cry about, to me it just seems like the logical step. However the visage of Ezra with burning red eyes opening a Sith Holocron does make me somewhat fearful for his and the crew’s futures.
  • He has a green lightsaber now. We didn’t get a great look at it but it seems to look just like Luke’s from Episode 3, which looked just like Obi Wan Kenobi’s. I have many questions.
  • The clip features Ezra, Sabine, Zeb & Chopper rescuing Hondo Onaka one of my favorite Clone Wars era characters. Kanan is nowhere to be found, which makes me feel as though his injuries have led him to be less active in the field. Thus leaving Ezra as the crew’s resident Jedi, a role he fills very well judging by just how much ass he destroyed in that clip.


All in all I’m optimistic about Star Wars Rebels Season 3. Season 1 was good, Season 2 was slightly better and hopefully each concurrent Season will just continue to hold that trend for as long as the show runs.


Pokemon GO & Free to Play Stuff

Pokemon Go. Yeah. That’s a thing. The apps got millions of active users, more than Twitter and more than Tinder. Millions of people are going out in droves, walking around in the middle of the night, driving dangerously and risking arrest for trespassing, breaking & entering etc in order to get fake internet monster pets.

If you couldn’t tell I’m not the biggest fan of the Pokemon franchise nor any of its numerous rip offs and copycats. The app isn’t even available in Europe or Africa yet (Not officially), you can get it with an American Apple ID however. My cousin got it using his American Apple ID and has nearly died from being run over or attacked by thugs multiple times.

People in America, New Zealand and Australia have had their fair share of problems with the app to. Between a lack of features at launch, people using the app to lure people into dark alleys and mug them, reckless driving, people getting lost, rivalries between teams getting out of hand. So on and so forth.

My two cents on the whole matter is that the app is a good thing. It’s helping shut in weebs to go out and meet other shut in weebs so they can be shut in weebs together. Plus it’s already helping my friends to lose weight and channel their insomnia positively. It’s great, even if I don’t particularly care for the franchise.

I’ll get the app as soon as I move to England. Just to make friends. I mean it is free to play after all.

Two other free to play games available on more conventional gaming platforms right now are: Hawken and Evolve Stage 2. Hawken is a frantic first person shooter featuring mech battles and giant microwave submarine tanks with legs. Evolve Stage 2  is the free to play version of Evolve, the super cool super original first person shooter game by Turtle Rock in which one player controls a giant monster and 4 control Sci-Fi warrior monster hunters. The game wasn’t received particularly well, mostly due to its outrageous dlc and pre order packages. But it was super fun and a super cool concept.

Basically it didn’t sell well and the playerbase ceased to exist. Now it’s free on PC and will be free on console within a few months or so. I’m incredibly tired so I’m just gonna say that I really like this turn they’re taking and I feel as though it’s just what they need to reinvigorate the game and make it much bigger that it was originally.

So yeah. So  that’s cool I guess.


I’m a Picky Asshole

I was listening to the Off Topic Podcast the other day (The Off Topic Podcast is the podcast of Rooster Teeth’s main gaming channel Achievement Hunter) and a point was made that got me thinking.

Michael Jones made the point of saying:

“When I was a kid I needed to be careful buying games cos if I bought a game and it turned out to be shit I’d be stuck playing that game for the next few months until I could afford a new one.”

That’s not actually what he said but it’s the point he was making.

He’s not wrong. I’m 15 now and I’ve been an avid gamer since I was 12 and my uncle gave me his old Playstation 2, then I got a PS3 for my 13th birthday and then a PS4 for my 14th.

When it comes to games I’ve always been a picky asshole. Why? My family’s not particularly well off. My games budget for the last 4 years has been one new game every 9 months. I own a grand total of 9 PS4 games, two being birthday gifts and 5 were pre-owned and thus very cheap.

Now something has happened. I graduated high school. As a reward my mother has told me to “go nuts”. Her exact words were: “buy all the games and things you want I’ll find the money somewhere.” My interpretation of this was: “no more than 300 Pounds.”

Only problem is. All of the games I want to buy I basically already own. The only game I don’t own that I want to buy is Overwatch. I’m also getting Fallout 4 and Shadow Of Mordor but I actually already had those they were just stolen so I have to replace them.

I’ve been asking for recommendations for games to buy for weeks and all the games being recommended I hate. In all fairness I have weird taste in games in that I don’t like most games that most people would consider good. I dislike games that put storytelling over gameplay or at least appear to. As a result I’m not a fan of the Assassin’s Creed series (Except Black Flag and Brotherhood), the inFAMOUS series, the Last of Us (I actually owned the game but it got stolen as well and I don’t plan on replacing it) the Telltale Walking Dead Games. When it comes to these types of games I’ll just watch someone else play it on YouTube because then I can experience the story for free. There are games which I feel get the balance between story and gameplay right: the newer Wolfenstein games, DOOM, aforementioned Assassin’s Creed games, Shovel Knight, the first two Arkham games. However even if they get the balance right I still might not like the game because I don’t enjoy the gameplay, even if the gameplay isn’t necessarily bad. With the first two Arkham games and Shovel Knight for instance I can tell they’re great games with great stories and great gameplay but I don’t enjoy the games because I don’t enjoy their gameplay. In simpler terms I’m a fucking scrub.

Additionally I’m extremely cheap in the sense that I will never ever ever pay more than 40 pounds sterling for a game unless it’s a Collector’s Edition. The only time I’ve ever broken (or rather will break this rule) is for Overwatch.

I’ve got all this money and I have no idea what to spend it on, and saving it isn’t an option because the next time I have this much money all at once I’ll probably have a shaved head and a barcode tattoo.

So I just decided to rebuy Assassin’s Creed IV (this time the edition that comes with the season pass) and sell my old one which was actually pre-owned before I bought it. I’m also replacing Fallout 4 and Shadow Of Mordor. Getting Overwatch, the new Rocket League Complete Edition and Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens (with a deluxe steel book and season pass maybe I don’t know). With a new headset and some blu ray movies that all comes to 300 pounds and 6 pence. I’ve been going in out of my amazon shopping cart removing things, adding things, changing things for weeks now because I have no idea what to actually get and I’m fairly certain I’m going to regret buying all this shit anyway.

I have no idea where I’m going this I’m just venting about how indecisive and bad with money I am.

My take on #HeterosexualPrideDay

There’s a whole bunch of reasons why I think the concept of taking pride in being Heterosexual is bullshit. The whole point of LGBTIQ (that is a really stupid acronym) Pride is that coming out as LGBTIQ (kill me) is something that requires bravery. And it is. I’ve encountered a few straight people and the odd LGBTIQ individual who attest that coming out doesn’t require bravery. In the latter individual’s case their opinion can largely be attributed to their own experiences.

I argue that whether or not coming out requires bravery depends entirely on the circumstances of the person coming out. If you live in the West and your friends and family are not complete retards, then it doesn’t require so much bravery. It still requires a great measure of bravery to come out. A few weeks ago the worst mass shooting in US history occurred and 50 gay people were killed just for being gay. Now those same people who once said coming out doesn’t require courage are petitioning gays to become gun owners.

Aside from the threat of being shot and or beaten or robbed there is the far more present risk of not being accepted by those you love. Telling my father I was bisexual, easy as pie. He didn’t really care that I was bisexual but he was glad I had the courage to come out. My father’s known for 6 months and I still haven’t told my mother yet, nor will I tell her for the next… hopefully I’ll never have to. Why??? Because I’m terrified that she’ll tell me that it’s just a phase or that I should look to marry a girl anyway. Lucky for me my mom doesn’t actually think that being LGBTIQ is wrong but she has told me that she’s glad I’m not. Why?  She wants me to marry and have children before I’m 25 (her reasoning for that is too personal for me to share here) and if she perceives even the tiniest chance that I might end up with a man it will devastate her. She’ll still love me the same but she will be greatly dissapointed and I want to spare her and myself that.

Other people have parents who are actively bigoted and would disown their children or worse if they came out to them. They have “friends” who would abandon them, hurt them, badmouth them. Some people don’t even realize that they’re gay or trans until they’re already in committed heterosexual relationships. That sucks because they have to continue living that lie or risk breaking the hearts of their significant others and/or children.

LGBTIQ people in the West have to deal with Bills & Laws passed by the bloody government specifically against them. Bills & Laws designed to infringe upon their basic human rights. Like the right to marry or go to the bloody bathroom. They can be denied counseling and even medical help. If they’re under 18 they may have conversion therapy forced on them or be sent to “Pray the Gay Away” camps. Don’t forget the Bible/Koran thumping nutjobs who genuinely think that being LGBTIQ is a sin and their omnipotent sky daddy will punish you by sending you to a land of fire and torture for all eternity if you so much as dare to be yourself. These same people slander gays and trans people as pedophiles.

And that’s just in the West. I live in Nigeria where being gay is punishable by a little over a decade in prison! In Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries gays are hanged or thrown off buildings!

Straight people. The only place Heterosexual people get persecuted is tumblr. No one’s trying to kill you just for being straight! No one’s trying to convert you or persecute you! There’s no bravery in coming out as straight because you don’t need to come out, everyone just assumes you’re straight (There’s a 90% chance they’re right but still).

There’s no reason to take pride in being Heterosexual because you have nothing to fear from being heterosexual, there’s no courage required.

As for the tag itself it’s just bait. It’s just a load of retards being retards and fighting other retards over retarded bullshit.

That’s my opinion anyway.

Day 5 Episode 1 Review


A Waking Nightmare is the title of the first episode of Rooster Teeth, yes that Rooster Teeth. The internet based production company that has become a giant in the world of online content creation, they basically invented it to be honest.

Red VS Blue, RWBY, RWBY Chibi, Camp Camp, X-Ray & Vav, Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures and the live action movie Lazer Team are some of their more prominent titles. Not to mention multiple gaming and  gaming news channels, several podcasts as well as online shows like On The Spot. Plus the full games RWBY Grimm Eclipse and A Million Dollars But are on the way. Not to mention the RT Crew have their own individual careers based in streaming, lets plays, voice acting, acting, being drunk all the time, cosplay etc. These dudes have like  A LOT on their plates.

Burnie Burn’s latest brain child is the indie live action drama horror miniseries type thing Day 5.

It’s a post apocalyptic drama reminiscent of the Walking Dead detailing the aftermath of a “Death Pulse”. At around 3 in the morning United States time everyone who was asleep died instantaneously. The main character a meth addict named Jake survived purely thanks to being on a drug bender at the time and it takes him a full 24 hours before he even really notices. At which point he goes to his parent’s house to check on them and as you can imagine it isn’t good.

I found this moment very very well done. The look of horror on Jake’s face when he sees his parents are dead in their bed is one thing, but the fear he feels when he goes looking for his much younger sister is another. He was terrified and I felt the same relief he felt when he saw she wasn’t in her bed. Kids like staying up late, maybe she was awake when it happened and is with a friend or another adult she knows? That’s what I thought.

And then he goes downstairs and sees an innocent pink pillow fort. I got the same feeling in my stomach at that moment seeing that as when I saw Pyrrha kiss Jaune (albeit a lot less powerful). I knew Megan was dead at that moment, and when Jake saw her dead body and promptly ran outside vomiting and babbling about how he must’ve smoked some “bad shit”. He can’t and doesn’t want to process the reality that everyone he knows and loves is dead.

Then Sam, this kid pulls up on his bike and very solemnly tells Jake that he is awake and that if he doesn’t stay that way he’ll end up like his family. Without spoiling too much essentially what happens next is Sam and Jake become buddies and meet up with other survivors, survive by staying active and taking every sleep fighting drug and patch and shot you can think of. Also evidently they have to stay out of pools and hot tubs, never have sex and never jerk off. Temperature changes lead to crashes and orgasms release sedative chemicals.

This world they’ve created is truly horrid. Sleep and Orgasms and Swimming are 3 of the 6 reasons I keep forcing myself not to slit my own wrists and be done with it. The other 3 are Tits, RWBY and Food. If I discovered the entire world had died in their sleep I’d just go back to bed and let it be done with, I wouldn’t bother fighting it I’d just accept death. It’s the same with any post apocalypse scenario for me. I refuse to live a life wherein living just means having a pulse, but that is what life is inevitably reduced to in these scenarios.

Day 5 Episode One “A Waking Nightmare” is a well written, well shot and well acted introduction to an interesting and well crafted world which is already filled with likeable characters, witty dialogue and great humor. As per Rooster Teeth standards. The only thing I can say that’s bad about what I’ve seen thus far is that the cinematography went over my head at times and a few lines fell flat. There’s this one scene with this chick hallucinating about her dead mom and my god that scene was bad. I legitimately believe they must’ve got that scene in one take cos they were rushing that’s the only way I can explain just how cringeworthy I found it. Maybe that’s just me.

As of now “A Waking Nightmare” is available to the public on Rooster Teeth’s website:


It should be on YouTube within a week or so knowing how Rooster Teeth handles these things. Day 5 is worth watching and I cannot wait to see what happens next


Annoying Twitter Things

Things that annoy me on Twitter. Whether they be mechanical errors of the social media platform itself or simply stupid trends that infuriate me greatly.


1.Retweet this or you condone it.

ALL politics aside. ALL OF THEM. I really hate this “retweet or you condone it” attitude cos it just seems like you’re taking what may actually be a genuinely bad thing and using it to score fake internet points.

Nothing annoys me more than when some idiot tweets about a tragedy or hell even some they arbitrarily deemed to be bad and then say if you don’t retweet this you condone it. That pisses me off to no end.


2. Those cringey quote retweet things.

What even is this? Why can’t you quote like a normal person?

This has plagued me a few times with my 50+ retweet/favorite tweets. I have a policy of deleting any tweet that passes 50 retweets because it inevitably attracts this lot, normies and depending on its content antifeminists, SJWs, conservatives, alt-righters, GamerGate and other undesirable spergs.


3. When people tweet something, get proven wrong and then instead of deleting the wrong tweet they admit to being wrong but leave it up.

Name. Avi and Handle scrubbed out for his own protection.
It’s still up.

Why do these people not delete their admittedly wrong tweets? Some it’s pride I think, maybe laziness. For others I imagine it’s because the tweet gets lots of attention and they don’t want to lose their (Say it with me now) FAKE INTERNET POINTS!


4. The fact that an account will be made, tweet once or twice and will then go inactive forever but the account will stay up and their handle will be unusable to anyone who actually uses Twitter.

This asshole with 66 fucking tweets since 2012 is the reason I went by Chr1sWillaims for my first year and half on twitter! I got my account locked cos Twitter thought I was a bot!


5. The fact that people try to have genuine arguments in 140 characters.

No screenshots here because all of you know what I’m talking about. The fact of the matter is no one is capable of being completely polite, respectful and getting their point across comprehensively and articulately in 140 characters. 8 out of 10 Twitter arguments turn into pointless pissing contests and meme offs that end with one person blocking the other with no one having learned anything.

Is this gonna stop anyone reading this from doing exactly this? No? Is it gonna stop me? No. We’re humans we’re argumentative by nature but at a certain point the dog needs to get tired of chasing its own tail.